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"Journalism With Freedom"

India's first Investigation Magazine


"मेरी कलम मेरी आखिरी सांस तक सच लिखेगी और बेखौफ होकर लिखेगी। अगर सच लिखने में जान भी चली जाती है तो मुझे इसका गम नहीं है, लेकिन यह सूचना इसलिये दी जा रही है ताकि लोगों को जानकारी मिल सके कि किस तरह सही खबर लिखने पर सत्‍ता के दलाल सक्रिय हो जाते हैं। मैं चैलेंज करता हूं कि मेरी कलम खरीदने की ताकत किसी में भी नहीं है। भ्रष्टचार और भ्रष्टाचारियों के खिलाफ हमारी मुहीम जारी रहेगी।"
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Anoop Gupta
(Editor in Chief)


2nd Floor, Awadh Trade Center, 

Lalbagh, Lucknow – 226010

(+91) 9455865175
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Drishtant Magazine is India’s first Investment magazine, which has been publishing continuously from Lucknow since from last 18 years. After a successful 18 years of publication of Drishtant Magazine, we are ready to leave the mark of our true journalism in digital as well. 
Drishtant Media Group is getting the love of millions of readers, we assure you that we will live up to your expectations like before! Because we do not compromise with our pen. We have been and continue to Expose Corrupts and Corruption. its called “Journalism with Freedom”
Thank You!

Note: It is not necessary for the editor to agree that the views expressed in the published articles are those of the authors. All disputes will be settled by the Lucknow Court. Any objection related to any type of news has to be filed within 15 days, then the Board of Editors will not be responsible.

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